DESCRIPTION OF THE OPERATION: The reason for carrying out the operation is to ensure adequate or significantly lower energy consumption in the building, as the current situation is extremely unfavorable due to the dilapidation of the building and the way it was built at the time (the building was built in 1934). Due to poor insulation, the building can only be operated during the warm months of the year. For energy rehabilitation, it will be necessary to rehabilitate the facade, replace joinery (windows, doors), excavate and inject the basement (together with waterproofing), insulate the ceilings in the basement, insulate and inspect the roof in detail, insulate the floor in the basement, insulate the interior walls (due to thick walls only external insulation is not enough), separation of the staircase from the basement floor is necessary. Roof insulation will also be required. It will also be necessary to replace the covering on the roof, because it is leaking in several places. To limit the consumption of drinking water, a rainwater collector will be installed, the water from which will be used for sanitary water (flushing systems). Aerators will be installed on the faucets (water jet sprayers), which enable reduced water flow but do not reduce the pressure. Faucets with sensors will be installed in the shared bathroom. In the past, a new wood biomass heating device was already installed for space heating and an air-water type heat pump for water heating. The windows in the rooms used for personal use and in the kitchen, which is shared for tourism purposes, were also replaced. This year (2018), immediately after the approval of the funds, the rehabilitation of the basement premises would be carried out in order to prevent sagging, which has a very negative effect on the building. There is a risk of mold in cellars due to waterlogging, which is now prevented by intensive maintenance. In the winter months, the plan is to carry out interior work in the building, replace windows and balcony doors. In the months of April and May, when the outside temperatures are higher, it is planned to build the facade, cover the roof and, finally, arrange the surroundings. The goal is to complete the renovation by the beginning of the main season, i.e. by June 2019. GOAL AND PURPOSE OF THE OPERATION: The goal of the renovation of the building is the energy and material rehabilitation of the building so that it can be used throughout the year and the use will be cost-optimal and will ensure long-term successful business for the entrepreneur. The measures will reduce negative environmental impacts in the field of tourism. Due to the lower operating costs, the added value will increase and with the increase of beds from 12 to 24, there will be a need for additional employees (2 new jobs). Lower operating costs will be due to lower energy consumption, lower water consumption per night and also lower amount of generated waste. The acquired grant funds will be used to renovate the building, which has been dedicated to tourism for more than 80 years, but has not been properly renovated over the years and is almost unusable today. With the renovation of such facilities, the development lag of Slovenian tourism will be reduced. With the acquisition of the EKO Marjetica environmental certificate, special attention will be paid to the use of products for the personal hygiene of guests and for breakfasts, in such a way that soap and shampoos from pouring containers will be used. Similarly, jams, butter, honey and other food will be served in containers for permanent use. The total value of the entire investment (including VAT in EUR) is €432,418.65.

Price-list of services

double room with shared bathrooms outside:

€80.00/night/two people

double room with private bathroom

€100.00/night/two people

suite (larger double room with private bathroom):

€120.00/night/two people
(possible arrangement of up to two additional beds)

*surcharge in June, July and August: €10.00/night/room

All prices include breakfast, as well as bed linen, towels and cleaning before arrival and upon departure. Tourist tax (€2.00/night/person) is not included in the price.

POZOR: cene namestitev se lahko razlikujejo pri rezervacijah preko ZUNANJIH rezervacijskih portalov zaradi provizij in drugih stroškov zunanjega izvajalca!

POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL FEES and additional offer:

– manj kot tri nočitve = +10 %/sobo

– pet = €19.00/night/pet

– cot = €10.00/night

– extra bed = €15.00/night/person

– late arrival (after 22:00) = €20.00

– airport transfer JP Airport – Jezersko (up to 4 people in one direction) = €50.00

– refrigerator in the room = €15.00

– use of saunas (prices with * for external guests):

€15.00 (€20.00*) – use of saunas for one person for two hours (opening time)

€25.00 (€30.00*) – unlimited use of saunas for one person (opening hours)

€20.00 (€25.00*) – use of saunas for one person for two hours (outside of operating hours, by agreement)

The calculation is informative, discounts and possible surcharges are calculated upon departure. Final payment is only possible in cash.

The price list is valid from January 2024.